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Each material has different applications, characteristics, and suitability requirements so we help navigate you through the options for your kitchen cabinets.

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The doors and panels of cabinets are the most important choice to achieve the look you are aiming for.

Remember, the most expensive option isn’t always the best option for the room you are installing the new cabinet in. Krafted Kitchens work closely with our clients to ensure products meet project requirements and exceed customer expectations. During the design process Krafted Kitchens will advise you what we think is the best option for your space, remember – if your happy we’re happy.

Laminex / Polytec


Melamine doors are the most economical of doors and panels to choose from.

We only supply moister resistant doors and panels. All doors come with 1mm ABS edge around the boarder, which gives the doors of kitchens extra durability. There are so many colours to choose from that you will not have any trouble finding the colour you desire. Check out two of our suppliers to view just some of the many colours you can choose.

Ultra Glaze


Ultra glaze doors and panels gives kitchens a really high gloss flawless finish.

This product has become very popular in the last few years as it provides a cheaper alternative to painted 2 pack doors and panels but gives you a similar result and is more durable. It is also possible to buff out light scratches that may occur over the years. Many colours available.


Vinyl wrap.

Vinyl wrap doors and panels gives your kitchen a timeless classic appeal.

This product is so good because unlike most other doors instead of just a flat door you can choose from a large number of routing patterns on the surface of the door. Also with vinyl wrap there is no abs edge around the boarders, the vinyl ‘wraps’ around the corners of the door. You can choose from a large number of colours and finishes, from flat texture look, or a smooth matt surface to a high gloss finish.

Dulux / All paint finishers

2 pack painted - gloss or stain

Two pack polyurethane doors and panels are the most premium of all possible doors surfaces to choose from.

They are available in a flat panel or many routed door patterns are also available. You can have almost any colour you can think of, you can even choose a colour from a company (e.g: Dulux) and it can be matched. High gloss through to satin finishes and somewhere in between are available.

FTD finer and Timber Doors

Solid Timber.

Solid timber is a timeless classic that more and more people are coming back to these days.

Solid timber is an expensive option but really can finish off the look of your entire house. Many species and doors styles available. All solid timber products supplied from local Melbourne company Finer timber doors.

Quality Brands

Here are just some of the suppliers we use.