Upgrading your kitchen bin and cutlery organisers.

When getting your kitchen designed and quoted give some thought to upgrading from some of the more standard fittings and items…

So you’ve been thinking it’s time to update your kitchen.

Before you call your local kitchen company it’s a good idea to have a look around on the web to get an idea on what style you like. It’s not necessary to know the names of all the products and finishes, that’s the kitchen designer job. For renovating I think pinterest ( www.pinterest.com ) is about the best tool out there.

People who decide to renovate their kitchens but are working to a tight budget assume that their only option is the DIY flat pack path.

What most people assume is that it’s going to save them $1000’s. Now there is no doubt you will save some money going down this road, but the total cost saving vs the time involved for someone who hasn’t done this before is a subject that needs to be explored.

Blum corner drawer certainly are an impressive product.

As usual Blum are light years ahead in terms of innovation compared to rival companies. We have been putting more and more of these in kitchens, especially in some of the inner suburbs of Melbourne.