Upgrading your kitchen bin and cutlery organisers.

When getting your kitchen designed and quoted give some thought to upgrading from some of the more standard fittings and items such as the standard white plastic cutlery trays and pull out bins.

These days a lot more people are willing to pay a few extra hundred dollars to have blum orgaline cutlery organises, which are so good as they come in many different pieces and compartments so you can move them about and personlise them to your needs. They are also really easy to clean and makes your kitchen that much more impressive.

There are some many different waste bin solutions to choose from. From different widths and heights to bins with 2 or three different compartments that can be used for different types of rubbish. Another idea is putting a pull out bin with the kitchen cabinet door attached to the front of it in your sink cabinet. If you have a 2 door sink cabinet in your kitchen it’s possible to have the pull out bin with doors attached on one side and a wire pull out detergent rack attached to the other side of the cabinet, and have no shelf at all in this cabinet. Most of the time in sink cabinets the shelf is wasted anyway with sink bowls and plumbing.